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the personalization

Have you heard about Be-U Cosmétiques’ unique concept? It’s so simple!
Here at Be-U, we believe that everyone’s beauty radiates in its own way and that’s what we wish to celebrate. Growing into your own skin is a unique experience. For decades, the industry has been putting thousands of products on the market for everyone to benefit from. But how do you find the perfect product to fit your own skin?

After a few brainstorming sessions on this matter, Be-U Cosmétiques was born. Not only do we offer an array of basic and essential products ready to be sent to you, we also bring you along the creation of your own personalized product for your specific skin type. Be-U has a team of experts who related to our clients and their needs to develop a simple online questionnaire that will guide you into concoct a personalized ritual to your skin type. You can find it on our website under "My diagnostic". After a few minutes on answering the questions, we are able to offer you a personalized skin ritual.

We are here because we think that confidence starts with feeling good in our skin.

My skin diagnosis

When I founded Be-U Cosmétiques, it was important for me to include real people and consumers, at the core of the creative process. Too often, I found myself buying skin products that I ended up throwing away or not using because they did not meet my needs. I wanted a transparent and educative brand, a brand that allows the consumer to understand the products

Savannah Tardif
Savannah Tardif Founder

Our core values


The mission of Be-U Cosmétiques is to encourage women to embrace their differences and create an inclusive community. Everyone should embrace their uniqueness and feel beautiful in their own skin. That is why it is important for us to work closely with our customers to better understand them in order to offer them products in a comfortable way.


One of the core values at Be-U Cosmétiques is honesty towards our customers. We believe that it is important to stay transparent about the ingredients we use in our products. For us, it is the brand’s responsibility to communicate well with its clients, which is why we offer our products mostly in clear packaging, to show the true quality of Be-U.


Be-U is here to educate you on your skin and what should go on it. With knowledge, we can always make better choices. That’s why we are here to accompany you every step of the way in the process of creating your unique and personalized skin ritual. Everything is clearly explained, and you are assured to get an answer to all of your questions or concerns.


We operate our company as much as we can with the utmost respect for people, animals, and our planet. That is why our products are vegan and cruelty-free. You can be assured that each item on our website is made from natural ingredients, is paraben, petroleum and silicone-free. Plus, we are working on reducing packaging to avoid creating unnecessary waste.