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Do you know Be-U Cosmetics’ concept? It’s simple. We think that beauty is YOU, and we want to celebrate your uniqueness and the uniqueness of your skin. For ages, the skincare industry has offered us ready-made skin products that are manufactured by the thousands.


How do you navigate this when each offer seems similar but different at the same time? Which product will truly be suitable for your unique skin? Be-U Cosmetics was founded as an answer to these questions.


In fact, Be-U Cosmetics does not offer you a panoply of ready-made products, but allows you to create, with us, the ideal product for your unique skin.


Thanks to our experts and people who understand you, we have developed an online skin questionnaire called “My Diagnosis”. This skin diagnosis consists of ten questions and takes just a few minutes to complete.


We will then suggest your own personalized skin ritual.

Because we believe that you should be at the heart of your own beauty and that skincare products should adapt to your skin-- not the other way around!

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