Free delivery anywhere in Canada
from 50$ of purchase.




Q: How much are the shipping costs ?

A: Shipping costs are fixed depending on your purchases’ amount on the website and not according to your region.

They detailed as follow:

0$ and 25,99$ amount of purchase: $6 delivery will be charged. The delivery costs us more than $6, but we take some of it to leave you affordable prices.

Between 26$ and 49,99$ purchase: $3 delivery

50$ and more: free delivery!

Q: How long does the delivery take?

A: the delivery time is 10 working days on average. You will receive a confirmation email with the delivery number when your order is sent.

Q: Which delivery company is used?

A: Currently, the delivery company is Canada Post. When your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with the package tracking number. The delivery takes an average of 2 to 3 days when shipped.

Q: What are the regions/countries served by the current Be-U Cosmétiques website?

A: The online products on our website, whether personalized or not are sold everywhere in Canada. Delivery costs are the same for all Canada. Stay tuned, the Be-U Cosmétiques products will soon be available and delivered in the United States!

Q: Others points of sale

A: We often come out of the web to allow you to test our most popular products. You can follow all our future pop up shops on our events page.

Since we find it important that you can try the Be-U Cosmétiques products, smell them, touch them before buying your personalized line of products, we also sell some of our premade products in different points of sale in Canada. Here is the most up-to-date detailed list of our points of sale by region:

Montreal :

-C’est Beau : 1556 Av du Mont-Royal & 300 rue Beaubien E

-Ananas Bananas: 1829 Av du Mont-Royal

-Fleur de peau esthétique: 4895 Boul St-Laurent

-Salon Deauville: 4048 rue Jean-Talon O

-Makani et Co : 490, 90e avenue à LaSalle 

-Belle & Rebelle: 6321 Rue St-Hubert

-Radiantan: 16-300 Boul Gouin O, Sainte-Geneviève

-Studio Mademoiselle: 273 Rue Beaubien E

-Atelier Peaufiner: 207 Rue Beaubien E

-M Salon: 113 Chemin de la Pointe N, Verdun

-Espace Mawaii: 3037 Rue Masson

-Adik Beauté : 8425 Rue St-Hubert

-Frank and oak : 1420 Rue Stanley

-Institut Be: 4725 Boul Metropolitain, suit 205

-Naturaes: 1298 Rue Ontario E

-Coiffure & spa St-Laurent : 392 Av Laurier O

-Les belles nanas: 2294 Rue Bélanger, Montréal, QC H2G 1C6

-Boucles et flacons: 1007 Avenue Bernard, Outremont

South shore of Montréal

Signé Local : 9200 Boul Leduc #160, Brossard

Fleur atelier esthétique : 45 boulevard d’anjou
j6j 2p7 Châteauguay

Northshore of Montreal

-Mile et un ongles: 8055 rue de sarrasin

-Inédit du Nord: 4 Rue Blainville O, Ste-Thérèse

-Beauté Mina: 529 Notre-Dame, suite 101, Repentigny

-Abb onglerie : 162 Rue L’oiseau, Repentigny

-Plan M : 287 Notre-Dame, suite 101, Repentigny

CDS Nails : 2e Av, Laval

Quebec city:

-Sous le toit : 1-189 Rue Saint-Paul

-Coifferie internationale: Place de la Cité

-Beauté Lamoureux: 1961 Chemin Principal, Mirabel, QC J7N 2S4

-Audacieuse Beauté : 3225 163 Av, St-Prosper


-Institut Guylaine: 50 Rue Augustin carrier Lévis


Boutique première: 1401 Boul Talbot, Chicoutimi


-Esthétique Mylaine :  48 Ch De La Beauce, Sainte-Martine, Quebec J0S 1V0 48 Ch De La Beauce, Sainte-Martine, Quebec J0S 1V0


Q: I have sensitive skin; can I use Be-U Cosmétiques products?

A: Yes, of course, Be-U Cosmétiques products have been created for the most sensitive and reactive skins. Of course, if your skin is very sensitive, you have to mention it in your skin diagnosis, to allow us to add a natural extract of arnica in your product. To know more about the virtues of this flower, see the ingredients page.

Q: Is it possible to buy products without doing my skin diagnosis ?

A: Regarding the face line, we believe it is important that your products fit your unique skin. Each skin being unique and different, we will add different plant extracts to your products, according to your skin problems, your skin type, your environment, and your routine. So, the face creams are only available with the skin diagnosis here: My diagnosis.

As for body products, we know that you can have fewer skin problems on your body than on your face. That’s why we have made a selection of already made products (here) that you can buy without making your diagnosis. You can choose the scent you want for your product However, no derived plants’ active ingredient will be added to your product.  If you have specific problems such as cellulite, dull skin or other skin goals you want to achieve, you should do your skin diagnosis to receive your personalized line. Moreover, only custom products include free samples and gifts.

Q: Is it possible to offer personalized products as a gift?

A: Yes, we thought about that! If you want to offer personalized products to a loved one, just answer “yes” to the question: “is the product for a gift”, when you complete the skin diagnosis. The questions will then be asked according to the person to whom the gift is made. We will even write his/her name on the products.

Q: Are the products tested on animals?

A: Of course not! Be-U products are cruelty-free and are also vegan, which means that no ingredients come from animal sources.

Q: Are the products 100% natural?

A: Be-U products are 98% natural. Why? Since we want to make sure of their quality as well as their shelf life (12 months after the purchase). For more information on the ingredients used in the products, visit the ingredients page.

Q: Can I use your product if I am pregnant ?

A: Yes, personalized body and face products are good if you are pregnant. You only have to answer “yes” to the question “I am pregnant” in your skin diagnosis and thus, we will not add perfume or essential oil to your products.

Q: Are your products registered with Health Canada?

A: Yes, all our products are registered and approved by Health Canada.

Q: What is the difference between the products purchased on your website and the products sold in stores?

A: Firstly, you need to know that it is only possible to purchase personalized products to your unique skin on our online website with the skin diagnosis. Only custom products available by subscription include gifts and samples.

Then, some of our pre-made products from the Shop section are also on sale in the points of sale mentioned above. Our online store, however, includes exclusive fragrances that are not necessarily found in retail points of sale.

Points of sale can also, for some, have made special collaborations with us and have their exclusive fragrance. The points of sale do not hold all our scents available on the website. To know if a point of sale holds a product or a particular scent, we suggest you to contact the point of sale in question before you go there.


Q: Are my old skin diagnosis lost?

A: Whenever you do your personalized skin diagnosis, the personalized results linked to it are saved in your online account. So, it’s very important to record your personalized results by creating an account when you receive your personalized results. Then, if you do a new diagnosis and want it to be saved to your account, you will need to make sure you save them when you are on the diagnosis results page.

If you already have a current subscription and want to do again your diagnosis and apply it to your subscription, it’s simple, just click on ” apply to my subscription ” in ‘’My Diagnosis’’ tab in your online account. Your products will automatically change to your next shipment.

On the other hand, if you do not change your subscription and you buy the products again, a new subscription will be created, and you will receive two subscriptions.


Q: Why are custom products only on subscription?

A: Our skin changes according to seasons and according to our environment. Thus, it is important to have skincare adapted to our skin depending on the seasons. That’s why your personalized range will be automatically renewed and sent to you every 3 months. Besides, you can, at any time, do a new skin diagnosis and apply it to your current subscription. To do it, go to your customer account, go to “my diagnosis” and click on the diagnosis that you want to apply to your products. So, your subscription cycle will not change but the products sent will be changed and adapted.

Besides, one month before the renewal of your subscription, we will send you an email that allows you to redo your skin diagnosis for the next renewal.

Q: How to stop my subscription?

A: You can, at any time, stop your subscription by going to your account in the tab my subscriptions. You will then click on “stop my subscription”.

Q: I would like to try your products, but I do not want to subscribe

A: If you want to try Be-U products without subscribing, two options are available to you. The first is to buy our favorite pre-made products in the Shop section. The second is to test custom products once and unsubscribe afterward.

Q: Is it possible to order just once, or am I obliged to subscribe?

A: For personalized products, the 3-month subscription is pre-established. This allows you to receive your personalized products every 3 months without having to think about it. Want to order only once or want to unsubscribe? It is easy: just go to your online account and click on the “unsubscribe” tab in the “My subscriptions” tab.

Also, be aware that the subscription offers you several advantages:

You will receive a gift for each subscription. On your fourth subscription, you’ll get a free product worth $25.

You still receive 1 free sample per product.

You do not have to think about buying back your favorite products.

You can change your skin diagnosis at any time by retrying your diagnosis.

Q: How long do I have to cancel my subscription before the next renewal?

A: To avoid your renewal, we ask you to cancel your next renewal at least 10 days before the renewal date. To know the date of your next renewal, consult the tab “my subscriptions” in your customer account.