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This cleansing gel is not just an ordinary shower gel. One of its peculiarities is that it has a pH of 4.7, which is equivalent to the normal pH of the skin with an average 5.5. Why is this important? Your skin is covered with a thin hydrolipidic layer that protects it against environmental aggressors, including bacteria, pollution, cold and heat. Normal soaps with a high alkaline pH deteriorate this natural protection by drying it. Our cleansing gel respects your pH and helps maintain your natural protective barrier. It is also very foaming even though it does not contain parabens or sulfate. Depending on the scent you choose for your gel, it comes in four different colors. This color is actually created by agar beads infused with jojoba oil. Like the standard cleansing gel, the personalized cleansing gel is available in 15 scents. In addition to containing these base ingredients, the B-u Cosmetics personalized body wash gel contains other active ingredients, depending on the result of your skin diagnosis and your particular concerns. Format: 250ml

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